About Facing Us

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance hosted the first DBSA “Facing Us” Video contest in 2007 along with the launch of “Facing Us,” a national campaign to highlight the "face" of depression and bipolar disorder and to supply tools to those "facing" the challenges of living with these illnesses. The Facing Us Clubhouse, on FacingUs.org, houses a variety of personal, interactive wellness tools as well as a multi-media room featuring inspirational, videos, audio clips, artwork and music. The campaign was, and the Clubhouse is, aimed at bringing mood disorders out of the shadows; humanizing those with these illnesses; and helping those diagnosed to create a reality where they face a better future. “Step” inside the Facing Us Clubhouse and choose from a myriad of features designed to help you achieve and maintain wellness. Inside, you can

Keep track of your whole health with the DBSA Wellness Tracker.

Develop a wellness plan to help keep your days balanced and positive.

Keep a private personal online journal of your daily feelings.

Share wellness tips with others on ways to maintain good mental and physical health.

Create a wellness book full of tips for maintaining a healthy life. Use your own tips and/or those that others have submitted. While your own book remains private, you can also create one for friends or family members to offer inspiration and support.

Print a copy of your wellness book, wellness plan, and personal journal with beautiful artistic covers.

Browse the media room for art, audio, and video presentations, public messages, and personal video stories. You can also submit your own personal video story to share.

Create a personal playlist on the Facing Us Radio.

Visit the Dave’s Spark Creativity Center to take a self-paced creativity course.

Send an e-postcard with a birthday greeting or message of support.

Connect to more information and important resources.

Feel secure—the site is completely private and confidential.

You really need to see it to believe it, so be sure to check out www.FacingUs.org. Help us show the world the real "face" of depression and bipolar disorder by entering the DBSA 2011 Video Contest.